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The overall mission of Blue Hope is to raise funds, resources, social awareness, and provide other support for a variety of self-sustaining social development projects and programs, both domestically and abroad, in order to effectively fight social injustice at a grass roots level.

As of its founding, Blue Hope is primarily focusing on working with education, poverty, and children’s issues in Tanzania, East Africa and has done so by constructing and supporting a residential and educational facility and its outreach program.

The Need

Dar es Salaam, like many other East African cities, has a tremendously high rate of homeless children; it is estimated around 10.5% of the youth population (approximately 1.5 million children) live on the streets.

Many were orphaned when their parents died of AIDS or other prevalent diseases; many are simply victims of poverty, sent to the city streets to beg for money on behalf of their families. These children do not go to school and therefore have no real future.

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