5 Boys Graduate From High School

Recently five of our oldest boys, many with House of Blue Hope since its inception, have graduated from Form Four – the equivalent to a High School degree.  While their educational journeys are still far from over, we congratulate James, Evarist, Athuman, Musa and Maneno in their accomplishment. Currently they spend their time waiting on their national examination results, helping around the house and teaching the younger boys in a variety of courses on a daily basis.

The national exam scores will determine which schools they can go to and how much the government will help them with their educations. If they make certain levels, their options will be unlimited but as their scores decrease as do the options. It is much like the ACT but is subject specific and takes place over a period of weeks.  The national form four examination is a large determining factor in the future of each student.  Just completing form four, which they all will have done with a passing grade, will mean they are able to achieve a variety of jobs throughout Dar es Salaam and Tanzania.

Please join us in congratulating these five upstanding young men for their achievements and wish them luck with their test results!


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