Birthday:  3/4/2001
Age: 14
Homeland:  Bukoba
School: Gonzaga Primary School
Tribe: Haya Bukoba
Class: Standard Seven
Career Interest:  Accountant


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Adam Gideon from habarinjemakibamba parents are separated domestic abuse mom ran away father lives in the outskirts of tz – class 2 in umoja – swahili, english, math all 95 – science 60 pysed 75

Testimonial:  My name is Adam Gideon Mukulukulu from Kibamba in Dar as salaam Tanzania. I am 14 years old standard six at Gonzaga primary school. My Tribe is Haya from Kagera, Tanzania.

Before I came to House of Blue Hope I was living with my mother because my father left us and went to start another family. So we got tuition (tutoring) at Neema academy but for the few days we enjoyed to get support at House of Blue Hope.

In 2010 I came to House of Blue Hope and I started going to a good school, Gonzaga Primary School from standard two until now I am in standard six.

To me am very happy because (HBH) gives me all of my basic needs which are shelter, food and good education.

I would like to thank all members of Blue Hope in Tanzania as well as USA for giving me new hope. After finishing my school I want to be a Chief Accountant.