Birthday:  5/2/2005
Homeland:  Dodoma
School:  Gonzaga
Tribe:  Gogo
Class:  Standard 1
Career Interest:  Doctor
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Eliah – feb 2005 so 6, from Mabibo, single mom dad left, mom sells local brew in kimara, has one younger brother, mom is with a man that does not support him – gonzagaprestandard 1 – 86 average.

Testimonial: My name is ELIA MBWAWA from Kimara –suka in Dar as salaam Tanzania. I am 10 years old in standard four at Gonzaga primary school. My tribe is Gogo from Dodoma.

Before came House of Blue Hope I was lived with my mother because my father separated with my mother and going to start another life before I born and until now I didn’t see him.

So from those days mom had not worked so I lived home without any help of going school just like a street kid and was life was very tuff.

One day my mom met with members of Blue Hope asking for help. But I thank HBH to brought me in a good school at Gonzaga. I came at House of Blue Hope in 2010 and I started pre-standard and now I am standard four.

To me I am very happy because (HBH) give every things means of basic needs which is shelter, food and good education. Blue Hope is like my parent because since I was 5 years til now 10 years I appreciate the good care from good leaders of HBH.

I would like to thanks all members of Blue Hope Tanzania and that in America to make me live peace and hope.

After finish my school I want to be a Doctor and I believe my parent (HBH) can bring my dream to be true.

Finally to me is to say God blessing you!