Birthday:  9/9/1999
Homeland:  Dodoma
School:  Gonzaga
Tribe:  Gogo
Class:  Standard 3
Career Interest:  Policeman
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Frank Charles – habarinjemaKibamba – cousins with Kelvin – Frank’s father was killed – mother accused of murder or accessory to murder – released on Saba Saba – in third grade at umoja school – was living with his sister – swahili 80 pys 92, likes math and English

Testimonial:  My name is Frank Charles Sabaha from Kibamba in Dar es salaam Tanzania. I am 16 years old and I am in standard six at Gonzaga primary school. My tribe is Gogo from Dodoma.

Before I came to House of Blue Hope I was living with my sister because my mother was in jail as a primary suspect in my father’s death. After the death of my father I thought my dreams were over but I thank God when Blue Hope decided to help me for all my needs.

Before I used to get tuition (tutoring) at Neema Academy but for the few days I enjoyed to get support at House of Blue Hope, So in 2010 I came Blue Hope and I started good school at GONZAGA from standard two till now I am in standard six .

To me am very happy because (HBH) give every things means of basic needs which is shelter, food and good education. And also in spite of my mom be free from jail but life is very tough, even meals each day.

I would like to thank all members of Blue Hope Tanzania and that in America to make me live peaceful and hopeful. After I finish my school I want to be a soldier and I believe that HBH can make my dream to be true.

Finally to me is to say God blessing you!