Birthday:  3/2/1991
Homeland:  Lindi
School:  Benjamin
Tribe:  Makonde
Class:  Form 5
Career Interest:  Accountant
Sponsored By: You? Sponsor Musa for a year with a recurring donation of only $100 a month.  Donate here today and put “Musa” in the designation box.  Please email with any questions.

Update Fall 2012:  Mussa is doing his A Level Education at Benjamin Mkapa High School. He is taking ECA subjects which stand for (Economics, Commerce, and Accounts). After finishing depending on his passes there are several colleges for a possibility of him to join and can take different commercial degree programs including Business Administration, Accounting, and Economics etc. Some of the colleges include University of Dar es salaam, IFM, CBE, TIA, and IAA among the few. If he does well he can get at least 60% of assistance for tuition fee from the government.

Testimonial:  My name is Musa Hasan. I am a student at the University of Tanzania – Institute of Accounting where I am taking in the first year of my Bachelor of Procurement and Logistic Management degree. I am very happy to have this opportunity to reach this level of education because it was always my dream.

I met with the leaders of House of Blue Hope in 2008. My family was not able to afford the cost of a secondary school education so they told me to live in the street. I spent one year in the street after I finished my primary school.

But fortunately and God give them long life Blue Hope decided to help me go to school. Blue Hope helped me fully in education, shelter and clothes. Not enough Blue hope was decide real to help me because they brought me in the best schools like Loyola Secondary School, Benjamin Mkapa High School and now the University of Tanzania – Institute of Accounting.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank House of Blue Hope organization in Tanzania and that of America. I thank everyone at House of Blue Hope starting with the staff of Blue Hope: Brother Sabas Rite (social worker) for his good care, Samwel Mkale (Associate Country Director) and our daddy in Tanzania Mr. Daud Mboma (Country Director), all board members of Blue Hope and America team who support us. God blessing you.

I thank (HBH) for being true to its promise of “from the streets to the schools, one child at a time.”