Birthday:  5/28/2002
Homeland:  Tanga
School:  Gonzaga
Tribe:  Zigua
Class:  Standard 3
Career Interest:  Soldier
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Rahim – 29th of May 2002  so 9 years old, magomeni, father dead and mom is ostracized from family and has HIV, small child and teenage boy who does not go to school, eat one meal from neighbors, standard 2 at gonzaga, 62 cumulative average, english, IT, religion and science are all struggles.

Testimonial: My name is RAHIM RAMADHAN from Magomeni in Dar as salaam Tanzania. I am 13 years old standard six at Gonzaga primary school. My tribe is Zigua from Tanga.

Before I came here at House of Blue Hope I lived with my mother because my father already passed away. My dream seemed to fail after death of my daddy, but fortunately I thank God when Blue Hope decided to help me each and every day.

I enjoyed to get support at House of Blue Hope, So in 2010 I came to Blue Hope and I started good school from standard two until now standard six. To me I am very happy because (HBH) give every things means of basic needs which is shelter, food and good education.

Before I was a street kid selling scrapers and other jobs in order to help my mother for food because my mom is sick (she is infected) so life is very tough, even meals per day to her.

I would like to thanks all members of Blue Hope Tanzania and that in America to make me live in peace and in hope.

After I finish my school I want to be a police officer and I believe that HBH can bring my dream to be true.

Finally to me is to say God blessing you!