Age: 11
Story: Before coming to House of Blue Hope, Stanley, his mom and stepfather were all living in one room. Stanley only had one meal a day, was not in school and spent the his days roaming the streets.
Grade: Standard 4
School: Gonzaga Primary School
Best Subjects: english, science, physed, art, swahili 95 and above in each
Birthday: February 19

Testimonial: My name is STANEL MATERINE from Luhanga in Dar as salaam Tanzania. I am 12 years old and in standard five at Gonzaga primary school. My tribe is Mpogoro.

Before I came to House of Blue Hope I lived with my mother because my father separated with my mother and went to start another family since I was a little boy. So from that day my mom had no work, so I lived in the street all time doing any job and selling scrapers in order to get food for the day…it was very tough.

One day I met with Mr. Sabas at the street and he asked me some questions about school, but it was sad to me because the time to go to school had already passed .

But I thank HBH for bringing me to a good school at Gonzaga in 2010 and I did well in my school going from pre-standard to standard two and now I am in standard five.

To me I am very happy because (HBH) give every things means of basic needs which is shelter, food and good education.

I would like to thanks all members of Blue Hope Tanzania and that in America to make me live in peace and in hope.

After I finish my school I want to be a pilot and HBH can bring to my dream to be true.

Finally to me is to say God blessing you!