House of Blue Hope 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago, on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, East Africa’s largest city, a few hopeful young leaders built House of Blue Hope (HBH). Soon thereafter, HBH’s doors were opened to a small group of vulnerable teenage boys. Those boys are now young men with great educations, valuable skills and knowledge, and hope! Your support sustains a long-term commitment to the well-being of vulnerable children in Tanzania, and this year – with your support – we can help more children than ever! Please help us make this happen.   

Those boys who arrived in 2007 recently attended a workshop at the house as part of our ongoing support as they transition to lives of self-sufficiency. HBH provides job search and resume assistance, sliding scale tuition, housing support, and training for social, financial, and career navigation. Many of these young men are working, attending university, or both. Today, the house they once called home is at full capacity with boys aged 6 to 17. The children are excelling academically and socially, and are on a path to success thanks to the support of friends like you!

This spring, we opened the doors of our new house for girls, and it is now the new home for Irene (age 7) and Domina (age 6). They joined the House of Blue Hope family in March, and our new social worker is helping them adjust as they settle in and prepare to enter Gonzaga Primary School. They are from a region with a high-rate of gender-based violence, and where females have few opportunities for education or employment. House of Blue Hope is committed to securing a bright future for these girls by providing a safe home, an outstanding education, and the support, care, and respect they need and deserve. We are excited to see the new house fill up as we extend our support and resources to more children. 

This work is possible because caring people like you have supported us for ten years! Your donation to the House of Blue Hope’s 10th Anniversary Campaign’s goal of $30,000 will allow us to add ten new girls to the house and support them as the charity works hard to break the cycle of poverty.

young boy holds young orphaned black and tan puppy up in his arms

Every Living Thing Charity Hosts HBH

As a keen animal lover, Shelly has become good friends with Brittany Hilton, owner of one of Dar es Salaam’s best known animal sanctuaries. After witnessing the pleasure the boys got from interacting with her own puppy, Shelly arranged for them to have the opportunity to learn about the duty human beings have in caring for both wild and domesticated animals.

Every Living Thing (ELT) is a sanctuary that works to improve the lives of animals in Tanzania. Their aim is to work together with local governments to help enforce the current Animal Welfare Act (2008), while educating the communities on the rights of all animals. ELT staff were more than happy to host the kids from the house for an afternoon of education, and hands-on time with a wide variety of animals.

There was much to learn about the different orphaned animals the sanctuary has taken in, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and reptiles. The kids were divided into groups so that they could interact with the animals properly, without disturbing them in their enclosures. The staff took the time to talk about the different demands of looking after each creature.

The rabbits stick to dry land while the terrapins make use of the pond. The cattery is the perfect play pen, and ideal for teaching visitors about good cat care.

All the kids had the opportunity to get up close to the cats and dogs the sanctuary looks after, and re-homes. The responsibility of looking after animals properly; taking care of all their needs while treating them with kindness and respect, is something the staff are passionate about and wanted to share with the kids. Pets are often abandoned in the city, and with a sizable feral dog population, Every Living Thing has its work cut out taking animals in, keeping them healthy, and spaying/neutering unclaimed animals, yet they would never turn an orphaned animal in need away. It was an important part of the day for the kids to understand that humans must be compassionate and responsible for looking after all animals.

Dogs of all ages, including many puppies, are brought to the sanctuary. Thankfully there was a resident surrogate bitch that happily let orphaned pups suckle.

This mother has adopted many puppies that are brought to the sanctuary. She was as gentle with the kids as she was with the pups.


House of Blue Hope would like to thank Shelly and the staff at Every Living Thing for making this trip happen, giving the kids the opportunity to learn about what it takes to take care of all the different animals that are being looked after by the sanctuary, and interacting with them in a calm environment.

The charity would also like to extend their gratitude to CJ Eklund Fine Art Photography for donating her time and talent to take these beautiful photos to document the occasion.

Yard Sale Fundraiser at the Watering Hole Dar es Salaam

A hot Saturday in early February was the setting for a Trash to Treasure car boot sale, hosted by the Watering Hole Patio Bar in Masaki, Dar es Salaam. House of Blue Hope was invited to attend with a stall sponsored by a generous supporter, while clothes and shoes had been donated by many generous donors, among them Children’s Birthday Miracles, to be exchanged for donations in support of the new girls’ house and community center in Mabibo. Shelly, a local HBH supporter,  had organized a face painting station for the younger attendees of the day, while Musa, a recent House of Blue Hope alumni, helped man the stall.

With a flurry of activity, our fellow stall holders were laying out all manner of trinkets and treasures, from shoes and hats, to mirrors and tents, books and beads. Local book shop A Novel Idea had brought along a fine collection of books, while Kitenge Queen had a colorful array of wares all wrapped in beautiful kitenge fabric. With our own merchandise laid out for inspection by the public, we took a moment to enjoy the cool shade and refreshments on offer.

While the public perused the bric-a-brac and listened to the music, some of the younger attendees took the opportunity to get their faces painted in exchange for a small donation.

young girl sits on seat while she gets her face painted by a woman in a red dress at the charity fundraiser

Members of the public also brought along clothes, books, and stationery for the kids at the house. Such donations given to the charity are always welcomed. Any gifts of clothes and learning materials for the kids to use are indispensable.

people ask the country director about the work done by the charity, at the stall.

(Left) Members of the public ask Country Director Daudi Mboma about the work the charity does (Right) Musa takes donations in exchange for goods.

The whole experience was wonderful and helped House of Blue Hope raise its profile among the community in Masaki. All proceeds will be channeled into supporting the vulnerable girls who will be joining the project this year, as well as the community center, so that the charity can have a broader positive impact in the surrounding community in Mabibo. Another aim for the non profit organization is the ongoing support of House of Blue Hope alumni who are taking their first steps towards full time employment, having completed Diplomas and Degrees. By raising HBH’s profile throughout the city we hope to raise awareness of the talented alumni who have worked very hard to achieve academic and vocational success.  The nonprofit organization looks to build good relationships with local business leaders who are in a position to offer valuable insight into what it takes to succeed in industry, and guidance for how best to get a foot in the door.

After a great day talking to the public and collecting donations, it was time to pack up shop, and to our surprise some of the stall owners who had a few unsold bits and pieces, kindly donated them to the charity.

Thank you everyone who helped make the day happen, everyone who donated goods to the cause, and the people who took the time to learn more about the nonprofit organisation’s aims! If you would like to know more about the work House of Blue Hope does, or how you can get involved in helping the alumni who are completing their tertiary education please email us at

A special thank you to CJ Eklund Fine Art Photography for donating her time and considerable talents to photograph the event. House of Blue Hope is very grateful for the support.








View of the sunny beach, looking over a calm see in Msasani Bay, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Celebrating the End of the School Year by the Beach

In December, when the heat starts heading to its peak here in Dar es Salaam, and the academic year had ended, the boys had requested a trip to the beach to celebrate and unwind. Who could deny them a small reward for all their hard work?

View of the sunny beach, looking over a calm see in Msasani Bay, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The Indian Ocean provided a wonderful backdrop to the day at the pool.

Azura Health Club, overlooking Msasani Bay, was a good spot for the kids to relax.  Transport, armbands, and refreshments were organised by Shelly. Shelly also brought her adorable puppy along, so she could also enjoy a fun day at the beach.

Though Dar es Salaam is a port city, stretching up Tanzania’s coastline in East Africa, it is not often that the kids living in the Mabibo district of the city, get to spend much time enjoying its beautiful beaches: Something that House of Blue Hope hopes to change with help from local supporters like Shelly.  After working hard all year, in this dusty, hectic, rapidly growing city, the kids thoroughly enjoyed cooling off in the pool by the beach.

boys wearing armbands and floats, swim in the pool and go down the waterslide, with the beach in the background.

The kids kept cool in the pool, making the most of their time off at the end of the school year and enjoying the views of the beach.


After a lot of splashing about in the pool, the boys had some refreshments, relaxed in hammocks to catch their breath, and dried off.

Group of boys share a hammock while eating snacks, and wrapping up in towels to dry off.

It was great to see the kids kick back and take in the views of the coastline which provided a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Mabibo, in the west of Tanzania’s fastest growing city.

Group photo of all the kids, and white puppy dog, in the hammock in front of the pool in Dar es Salaam

All the kids from HBH thoroughly enjoyed their day at the beach, celebrating the completion of another school year.

The House of Blue Hope would like to thank Shelly, and Azura Health and Fitness Club for hosting a wonderful day, on the relaxing shores of the Indian Ocean. We look forward to another trip to celebrate the end of the next school year, and reward the hard work of the kids.

Are you based in Dar es Salaam, and want to help make trips like these happen for the kids at House of Blue Hope? If so, please get in touch:










A group children in the orphanage stand in front of donated christmas tree.

Local Businesses Support HBH this Christmas

Having secured the lease of the new girls’ house earlier in the year, there was much fund raising to be done.  All the necessary resources for the house needed to be sourced so that the new home would be ready for the young girls, who are to receive the vital educational and social help needed to secure their futures, alongside the boys.

For so long financial aid has come from friends and supporters of House of Blue Hope in the United States, helping the young boys achieve so much, and continues to do so. However, a concerted effort to engage the community in Tanzania has been a new goal for the charity, with great success. Shelly and Gary, residents of Dar es Salaam, have been pivotal in organizing fund raising events and support from local businesses including Karambezi Cafe at Sea Cliff Hotel in Masaki, whose Christmas donation drive saw many essential household items, and Christmas gifts, being donated by their generous patrons.
boy holds his skateboard Christmas present

The older boys received skateboards for Christmas.

Many community members responded with generosity when HBH appealed for the donation of essential resources that are needed to provide the vulnerable children House of Blue Hope are striving to help elevate out of poverty. It is the aim of HBH to equal the success they have achieved helping vulnerable boys for the last 10 years, with girls who are in need in Tanzania.
Shelly and Gary also played host to a series of small private functions, with guests donating funds to provide House of Blue Hope charity with the financial support it needs to create a community support center in Mabibo, as well as the house for vulnerable girls. Not only have Gary and Shelly tirelessly raised funds here in Dar es Salaam, they have shown incredible generosity themselves, having purchased, and arranged transport for, a substantial water tank for the girls’ house.
new 8000L water tank for girls orphanage delivered to premises in Mabibo

The girls’ house has a new water tank, courtesy of Gary and Shelly who generously donated it to House of Blue Hope.

Beyond securing some of the finance needed for many items such as furniture, paint, clothes, and school supplies, Shelly also arranged for donations to be made so each boy could receive a gift for Christmas, under the donated Christmas tree.
children stand in front of decorated Christmas tree at the orphanage.

Shelly and the boys all helped decorate the Christmas tree.

The charity would like to thank Shelly and Gary for all their support so far in helping House of Blue Hope charity to extend the scope of their work here in Dar es Salaam, as well as the wonderful staff of Karambezi Cafe, and Children’s Birthday Miracles, who have done so much to collect donations of clothes, books, furniture, and toys for the kids this Christmas.
House of Blue Hope looks forward to working with local businesses here in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, so that the vulnerable young girls and boys it supports can continue to gain a better start in life. If you own a local business here in Dar es Salaam, and you have been inspired to lend support, whichever way you can, don’t hesitate to get in touch! :

Support HBH on Amazon Prime Day

Today is Prime Day at If you plan to take advantage of this, please use and set House of Blue Hope Foundation, Inc. as your designated charity. Amazon gives us 1% of all purchases at no additional cost to you.

This is just another way of supporting the work we’re doing in Tanzania, especially now as we prepare to open our second house in Dar es Salaam to help change the lives of young girls from difficult situations.

Thank you!

House of Blue Hope Children visit the Logos Ship


The boys of House of Blue Hope spent time visiting The Logos, a ship that sails around the world from port to port bringing literature and encouraging cultural understanding to expand knowledge, further education, and facilitate personal development. The children had a great time; it’s the sort of activity all kids should be able to experience, and that HBH is able to provide with the support of our friends – thanks!

Tanzania Trip 2016!

Join House of Blue Hope on a Journey!

— July 30 to August 6, 2016 —
Travel to Dar es Salaam where you will meet the children in our programs, learn more about what we do, and hear about our plans for the coming year. Then, either stay the week at House of Blue Hope, or experience an overnight safari in Mikumi National Park and two days in Zanzibar.

If you consider yourself an adventurer, stay for an extra week and embark on a exhibition to Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro!

Check out our trip page and video at House of Blue Hope Trip Page.

To reserve your spot or if you have any questions, please contact:
Executive Director Jeff Walton – or Board Member Adam Weise –

Get Ready for an Adventure of a Lifetime!


Remembering Evarist: Brother, Son, and Friend

Brother, son, friend and longtime House of Blue Hope member Evarist passed away today from the injuries he sustained in a traffic accident on Saturday. Evarist will forever be remembered as a humble, giving, caring, hard-working member of the House of Blue Hope family. Today is a very sad day for Evarist’s friends, family and all of House of Blue Hope.