Happy 5 Year Anniversary!

Today, February 15th, the House of Blue Hope Foundation turns 5 years old!  Over the past five years we have gone from supporting 4 kids in a rented room to now supporting 18 kids through school, owning our own building, renting a second  building, and instituting a variety of weekend and evening holistic  educational programs, all in the effort to drastically alter the lives of street children through education.  It’s been quite the journey!
Thank you for all your support and encouragement throughout the past five years.  We look forward to many more anniversaries and hope you will continue to support our mission and the children in the program.  Thank you!
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Blue Hope Welcomes Newest Board Member

We are honored to introduce the newest board member for House of Blue hope, Liam Ahearn!   Liam graduated from Georgetown University in 2005 with a BA in Economics and History.  At Georgetown University, Liam was also the Director of Community Service for the college’s local chapter of the Society of Collegiate Scholars.  Liam became friends with Billy Bludgus when they were classmates and teammates at St. Peter’s Prep High School in Jersey City where they also participated in a number of Christian service activities together.  Liam is inspired by the cause of the House of Blue Hope and the dedication and commitment of its staff.

Liam works as a Director at Capstone Advisory Group in New York where he provides consulting services to companies and creditors involved in distressed/bankruptcy situations.  Please join us in welcoming Liam to the team!

Thank you to St. Mary’s

President and Founder Billy Bludgus spent last weekend speaking at all of the Masses at St. Mary’s parish in Bayonne, NJ.  St. Mary’s has been a huge support in the founding and growth of Blue Hope since the project’s birth.  During this past visit, the people of St. Mary’s generously gave $2650 in the second collections during the Masses.  The House of Blue Hope is so grateful for the continued support and partnership with the people of St. Mary’s!

The Year in Review!


2011 Expenses Breakdown

  • Seven boys between the ages of six and eleven, most of which had never attended any formal school, successfully completed their first year with exceptional grades!
  • Loyola Secondary School accepted two more House of Blue Hope boys.  This school has a reputation for excellence and preparing its students for college, we at House of Blue Hope continue to strive to give our kids the best Tanzania has to offer.
  • Five boys in the program graduate from Form 4 (the equivalent to High School in the United States).  Form 4 graduates are able to enter college or obtain a wide variety of well paying jobs in Tanzania.
  • Two boys passed the entrance exam and will begin study at one of the best college prep schools in Dar es Salaam.
  • An English teacher, George Mbago, begins regular classes for children at the house.  He is the newest addition to the House of Blue Hope

    House of Blue Hope Growth 2007-2011

    team and has over twenty years of teaching experience.

  • A water well was donated by The International School of Tanganyika (IST) Alumni Association.  House of Blue Hope now has its own source for safe, clean and easily accessible water.  Blue Hope is the official charity of IST Alumni and they continue to support the hopes and dreams of Tanzania’s most disenfranchised youth.


Happy New Year!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support of the House of Blue Hope.  We look forward to our continued good work with immense hope.  May the gratitude and hope of the holiday season be with all of us, our families, and our friends in Tanzania for the upcoming year.  Happy New Year!

And don’t forget to make your year end contribution to Blue Hope!  House of Blue Hope is a 501c3 not-for-profit charity that exists through the generosity of individuals and businesses throughout the United States and beyond.  Your gift is tax deductible and you can donate here.  Thank you!

Letter from the President – 2011

Dear House of Blue Hope Family,

The work which we do together both for and with the youth of Tanzania simultaneously fills me with gratitude and hope all year round –

Justin hard at work with his studies

gratitude for all we have done thus far, and hope for all we are poised to do as we move forward as an organization and as a community.  One month ago, at our annual Board Retreat, we reflected on these two pillars of our collective core as we broke bread each evening.  As I write to you

today, after Thanksgiving and awaiting the December holiday season, I find myself in even more deeply and intimately immersed in gratitude and hope than usual.

As I wandered between retail clothing stores yesterday, I was struck by that constant tension between the consumerism and materialism of some parts of the world and the poverty of other corners of our globe.  I wondered how much workers were paid to sew the shirts I was purchasing, and what their working conditions are like.  I pondered how many pencils and notebooks could be bought for children who thirst for education with the money I was paying for a couple personal items.  I constantly struggle with the structures which perpetuate drastic economic disparities among the members of our human family, and I wonder how I and how we at the House of Blue Hope can do more to work for social and economic justice.

As is reflected in our organizational motto, we believe that education is the most effective vehicle through which we can empower and support impoverished and underprivileged youth in their struggle to overcome their challenging realities and to build a positive, productive, and sustainable future for themselves, their families, and their communities.  We have big plans for our work in Tanzania this upcoming year, and it includes all of us!  Of course, I will ask that each of us considers making a personally meaningful contribution to our annual appeal which is included in this mailing.  However, I would also encourage us all to become involved in our work in other ways as well.  Also included here is an invitation for our first Blue Hope supporters’ trip to Tanzania; consider joining us for a journey of a lifetime!  There are also a number of ways to

Boys having fun

get your workplace, school, place of worship, or community organization involved in our mission.  Feel free to reach out to me directly with any interest or ideas.

I am closing this letter with the same two sentiments with which I began – gratitude and hope.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support of the House of Blue Hope, and I look forward to our continued good work with immense hope.  May the gratitude and hope of the holiday season be with all of us, our families, and our friends in Tanzania for the upcoming year.

Kwa Shukrani na Tumaini,

–Billy Bludgus

President and Founder


Double Your Impact!

When you donate to House of Blue Hope, make sure to check with your employer to see if they will match donations.  It is a simple and easy way to double your donation!  Ask your employer or search this list here.  Thank you!

UM Alumni Team Up to Help Orphans in Haiti and Tanzania

Steven M. Kirby is the founder of H.E.R.O., a charity founded to provide housing, education, and rehabilitation for orphans and street children in Haiti Steve is also one of the newest board members of House of Blue Hope (HBH).  This is his letter to his H.E.R.O. supporters after this past weekend’s HBH annual board retreat:


The only possible method of solving the problems in this world is if we work together.  It has been best said by Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  This statement is very true when applied to the context of individuals and organizations helping to provide life opportunities for the street children and orphans of this world.  What I have found is that there are many small groups working to benefit the orphaned and abandoned children of this world, but unfortunately, these small groups often fail to work together for the greater good.  Instead, it is a battle over donors, funds, space, and notoriety.  It is for this particular reason that I was excited to participate in a Board of Directors retreat for a non-profit organization that is working to save the street children and orphans of Tanzania.  House of Blue Hope, is an organization founded by Billy Bludgus, a University of Miami alum and friend.  During the retreat I had the opportunity to learn about the amazing work of HBH in Tanzania and take away important nuggets of information that will help me make H.E.R.O. a better residence for orphans here in Haiti.

I was invited to join the Board of Directors of House of Blue Hope 6 months ago.  Three of the current board members are University of Miami Alumni, a school from which I earned both my B.S.Ed. and M.S.Ed.  HBH started with a rented room and a few kids and has now grown to owning their own residence, renting out another, and they currently enroll 19 children.  I am truly amazed at the work that HBH has accomplished in such a short time frame and I hope that H.E.R.O. can achieve similar success.  At the retreat we discussed mundane topics such as amending the constitution, but we were also able to talk about important aspects of our work including education, housing, and social integration.  While Tanzania and Haiti are two countries geographically distant, they share many similarities, especially with regard to infrastructure, development, educational opportunities, and employment.  The retreat allowed me to learn about Tanzania, House of Blue Hope, and best practices for running a residence for orphans, while at the same time sharing my experiences building H.E.R.O. from the ground up.  All in all, it was a very rewarding retreat.

The lesson that I take away from this experience is that while yes, Margaret Mead’s statement is absolutely correct, even more can be accomplished when these small groups of citizens come together to share experiences, work on solutions, and create a better world.  While the collaboration between HBH and H.E.R.O. is commendable, I wish for the same opportunities for other organizations in Haiti.  In the end, we have to remember that the work we do in Haiti is not for accolades or awards, but for the benefit of the street children and orphans.  I will continue to reach out to organizations in Haiti, as I have done so since the inception of H.E.R.O., and pray that these organizations decide that it isn’t competition, but collaboration that is needed in this country.   Only then, will we truly succeed!


Steven M. Kirby, Ed.D

iGive Promotion

In celebration of their growing popularity, iGive will be donating $5 to House of Blue Hope for each new sign up and then another $5 for the first purchase used through iGive.  It’s completely free for you to use so please sign up and help Blue Hope!  You can sign up here.  Thanks!

Letter from the President 2011

August 24, 2011


Dear House of Blue Hope Family,

This past June and July, I was fortunate enough to spend a few weeks back in Tanzania for my annual visit.  I spent time at two houses interviewing each of our 19 kids, reviewing their school report cards, discussing their hopes and goals for the next year, and listening to their concerns about the future.  I also conducted an overall evaluation of our programs, met with each staff member, and held a Tanzanian House of Blue Hope Board meeting.

The conversations, observations, assessments, and dialogue were all incredibly encouraging and inspiring.  Our 19 kids are all enrolled in reputable schools and performing well, with many showing significant academic improvement and growth over the past year.  Moreover, our kids are happy and healthy, taking care of each other, studying together, and forming true mentorships as our older boys assist our younger boys with homework and sports.  Our staff members continue to grow into their roles as well, implementing many of the recommendations from last year which has significantly enhanced organization and structure within our programs.  Our community outreach has improved, and our social worker is well-known at many of the community schools which I visited.  Our Board of Directors is developing some very practical yet innovative ideas they have for expanding our project over the next several years.

It is always a true blessing to re-visit our work in Tanzania.  Four years ago, we bought an empty plot of land.  Now we are supporting 19 kids at two facilities, and all are thriving!  Of course, there is always room for growth as well.  We have set some goals for this upcoming year, mainly involving increasing communication both internally among our staff in Dar es Salaam, and externally within the local community.  We are also looking to improve the evening academic programming in the house, and we have already started on this, conducting interviews for an evening educational programmer during my visit.  I am confident the new position will help remediate and empower our kids even more effectively.

Naturally, as we continue to grow as an organization, we do continue to rely on your generous support.  My visit undoubtedly convinced me that we are supporting good and effective work.  Our efforts on the ground continue to change the trajectory of kids’ lives for the better.  We are creating a world of difference for 19 kids at the moment; let’s keep these kids shining and thriving, and add a few more to the lot this upcoming year as well!

I sincerely and wholeheartedly thank you for all you do for the House of Blue Hope Foundation.  Together, we are “overcoming poverty through education…one child at a time.”  Let’s keep it up!  Thank you again, and God Bless!

In Hope,

–Billy Bludgus