the charity's alumni receive certificates for completing the seminar for employment, entrepreneurship and human rights in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Empowering HBH Alumni for Business and Employment

Through hard work, determination, and a lot of help from our generous supporters, HBH has reached an important milestone: its 10th Birthday. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to get the charity this far. Thank you! 

Now ten years on, the once vulnerable young boys who were the first to gain the support they needed from the charity are now young men who have gone on to pursue further education, vocational training, and employment in their chosen industries. Though they have achieved a great deal despite turbulent childhoods there are still many hurdles for them to face, and as part of its remit the charity is keen to help these talented young men reach their full potential.

The education these young alumni received through the charity’s support has been of the highest standard, however the soft skills and the tools needed to navigate the jobs market, alongside entrepreneurial skills are vital for a young country like Tanzania, with a youthful, often poorly trained workforce. These skills, and knowledge of employment laws and best practices, are often overlooked by academic institutions.

It was with this in mind that four of HBH’s first graduates attended a two-day seminar, conducted by LECRI Consult Ltd: a business and children’s rights consultancy firm based in Dar es Salaam.  The two-day seminar covered being a responsible young citizen, guidance on job application best practices and preparation for job interviews, as well as an introduction into turning a business idea into reality.

The charity's alumni receive their certificates for completing the two day seminar performed by Lecri Consult Ltd in Dar Es Salaam.

The charity’s alumni found the 2-day seminar empowering, and will be putting their new skills to good use in business and employment.

“I was very happy to attend the seminar. I learned how to prepare and write a good CV, and how to express myself well and confidently in interviews. We also learned about human rights and employment frameworks. We met many different people and shared ideas concerning employment and entrepreneurship too. It was very interesting!”

                                               HBH alumnus James Mdota 

As part of its ethos, the charity strives to help vulnerable kids who have little hope in escaping the inter-generational poverty trap, and reach their full potential becoming successful, self sufficient, and socially responsible citizens. To be able to provide the guidance for the young men who were the first vulnerable young boys to receive the charity’s aid, in order for them to achieve these goals is an important milestone and one that the charity hopes to replicate for its current wards. The charity looks forward to being able to empower the next generation of boys and girls in its care so that they are well equipped to lead happy, productive, and responsible lives.

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