young boy holds young orphaned black and tan puppy up in his arms

Every Living Thing Charity Hosts HBH

As a keen animal lover, Shelly has become good friends with Brittany Hilton, owner of one of Dar es Salaam’s best known animal sanctuaries. After witnessing the pleasure the boys got from interacting with her own puppy, Shelly arranged for them to have the opportunity to learn about the duty human beings have in caring for both wild and domesticated animals.

Every Living Thing (ELT) is a sanctuary that works to improve the lives of animals in Tanzania. Their aim is to work together with local governments to help enforce the current Animal Welfare Act (2008), while educating the communities on the rights of all animals. ELT staff were more than happy to host the kids from the house for an afternoon of education, and hands-on time with a wide variety of animals.

There was much to learn about the different orphaned animals the sanctuary has taken in, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and reptiles. The kids were divided into groups so that they could interact with the animals properly, without disturbing them in their enclosures. The staff took the time to talk about the different demands of looking after each creature.

The rabbits stick to dry land while the terrapins make use of the pond. The cattery is the perfect play pen, and ideal for teaching visitors about good cat care.

All the kids had the opportunity to get up close to the cats and dogs the sanctuary looks after, and re-homes. The responsibility of looking after animals properly; taking care of all their needs while treating them with kindness and respect, is something the staff are passionate about and wanted to share with the kids. Pets are often abandoned in the city, and with a sizable feral dog population, Every Living Thing has its work cut out taking animals in, keeping them healthy, and spaying/neutering unclaimed animals, yet they would never turn an orphaned animal in need away. It was an important part of the day for the kids to understand that humans must be compassionate and responsible for looking after all animals.

Dogs of all ages, including many puppies, are brought to the sanctuary. Thankfully there was a resident surrogate bitch that happily let orphaned pups suckle.

This mother has adopted many puppies that are brought to the sanctuary. She was as gentle with the kids as she was with the pups.


House of Blue Hope would like to thank Shelly and the staff at Every Living Thing for making this trip happen, giving the kids the opportunity to learn about what it takes to take care of all the different animals that are being looked after by the sanctuary, and interacting with them in a calm environment.

The charity would also like to extend their gratitude to CJ Eklund Fine Art Photography for donating her time and talent to take these beautiful photos to document the occasion.

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