Greetings from Board Member, Mr. Sadowski

Dear House of Blue Hope Family,

Greetings from your board member and CFO, Scott Sadowski.  It is with great privilege that I get to share with you the progress of two journeys: my return to Tanzania, which was highlighted by a visit to our House of Blue Hope site in Dar es Salaam, as well as the journey of our organization The House of Blue Hope Foundation, as we continue to grow and impact even more lives each year.

This past August, I traveled with founder Billy Bludgus and three US volunteers to Dar es Salaam.  After incredible fundraising support from our friends and family, we initiated the expansion of a second floor at our facility. Soon we will increase our capacity and welcome more children off of the streets and into our house.  Our group helped the existing facility get a bright and fresh coat of paint to culminate a series of improvements made to the house in 2012.  Earlier this year, we constructed a perimeter fence to increase the safety of our children on our property.  We also built an underground water well for reliable water, which can then be boiled and used for both cooking and drinking.

Our Tanzanian staff is developing and growing into a collaborative group of young leaders.  They have improved their communication with the US board and the boys and have recently expanded to welcome additional Tanzanian volunteers as well as a teacher in the house.

The most significant progress has been with the children in The House of Blue Hope.  In this our fifth year, we were excited to see four of the older boys graduate high school and move toward post-secondary education/college.  The early mission of creating opportunities through education is beginning to see its fulfillment as many of these children who were caught in a cycle of living day-to-day on the streets and now have set their educational and career goals for several years from now.

I was most touched by the children’s incredible gratitude for the access to education as well as the basic needs we provide them each day.  Sitting around the lunch table in the house with 15 children telling me how they want to be doctors and travel to the USA and that they wish they had even more books to read because they loved reading was pure joy.  I knew at that moment that we were doing great work and that the work we have already done has changed these lives forever.  In fact, that day my life had changed for the better too, as I never felt I had helped make a bigger impact in the world than directly further someone else’s opportunities and hope.

I encourage you as you read my letter to consider joining us on an upcoming trip to Tanzania.  Know that a visit to this beautiful country and spending time with these incredible children will change your life too.

Finally, I offer a very sincere “thank you” during this holiday season for your past support.  Our work is changing lives and your generosity helps us create a world of opportunities and a lives of hope.

In Hope,

Scott J. Sadowski

House of Blue Hope Board Member and CFO

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