HBH Charity Welcomes Aga Khan Guides and Scouts

In recent months the charity has been fortunate to receive ongoing support from Children’s Birthday Miracles-Dar es Salaam, and its founder, who is heavily involved with the Aga Khan Girl Guides and Aga Khan Scouts here. Every year both of the children’s educational organizations have a Service Day where they spend time contributing to their local communities, and it was put forward the House of Blue Hope Charity could be a recipient of their donation collections, and they could meet the young kids who are working hard to fulfill their ambitions.

HBH welcomed the Aga Khan Girl Guides and Scouts to the house on Tanzania’s Union Day, celebrating the unification of Tanganyika and the People’s Republic of Zanzibar on 26th April 1964.  With well versed coordination, each Guide and Scout took their turn to unload the donations of food, clothes, shoes, books, puzzles, and games from their minibus.

kids sit in circles and play games and solves puzzles at the charity's house

It didn’t take long for the games and puzzles to be opened and shared, helping to break the ice, and getting the national holiday off to a good start. The Guide leaders organized the youngest in attendance into groups to play, and complete puzzles, while the older kids organised two mixed teams to play football.  

the girl guides, scouts, and the kids from the charity divide themselves into two teams to play football

After a few fun filled hours were passed playing games, the Guides and Scouts presented a wonderful cake for everyone to share, and Adam, whose birthday falls in April, was nominated to cut the cake.

guides, scouts and the charity's kids gather round the table, watching Adam cut the cake for everyone to share


This was the first time the charity had been visited by the Guides and Scouts, but hopefully not the last! It was great to see the kids build bridges beyond their immediate community. Over the last ten years the house has become a hub of play and learning, and it is great that this can be extended beyond the confines of the Mabibo community. The House of Blue Hope charity would like to extend its gratitude to the Aga Khan Guides and Scouts for their donations and their friendship. Asanteni sana!

House of Blue Hope charity celebrate Tanzanian Union Day with the girl guides and Scouts

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