HBH Gets a Visit from HIV Education & Support Group

Always keen to broaden the horizons of the kids in its care, the charity took the opportunity to invite the good people from The Baobab Home to the community center in Mabibo. Their support group “Stronger Together” for HIV+ children aged 6 to 18 in Bagamoyo, was visiting Dar es Salaam, and took time out of their busy schedule to visit the House of Blue Hope charity.

As part of their support efforts, the Stronger Together group practice dance, conduct art activities, and hold group discussions about stigma, death, infection, school and other issues faced by kids growing up HIV+. The House of Blue Hope charity was fortunate enough to experience dance performances and were given beautiful artwork.

Members of the Stronger Together Group from Baobab Home visit th House of Blue Hope charity Kids in Dar es Salaam

The HBH kids watched as the drums kept rhythm for the dancers to perform a symbolic dance routine, illustrating a story of the impact of HIV on young lives.

After watching the performances the HBH kids have been inspired to learn more about the  therapeutic benefits of dance and performance, and its power to help shift stigma, and educate people about HIV.  

The Stronger Together Group Use Dance to illustrate stories of overcoming stigma attached to HIV infection

The Stronger Together Group use dance to illustrate stories of overcoming stigma attached to HIV infection.

According to the UN, as of 2015, between 1.2 – 1.6 million people suffer from HIV in Tanzania. Between 77,000  and 110,000 are children aged from 0 to 14. Not only are children suffering from the infection directly themselves, but many are orphaned by AIDS when their parents die prematurely. The number of Orphans due to AIDS aged 0 to 17 is between 700,000- 880,000 in Tanzania.

The HBH kids thanked the visitors who had put on an energetic and inspiring performance to reduce the stigma associated with HIV.

The House of Blue Hope charity supports children who are affected by the virus. To help educate the kids and community about the disease and its impact, the charity hopes to remove stigma, prevent its spread, and provide care and guidance for those in need. We welcome the input and example set by the Stronger Together team, and look forward to future visits and exchanges between the two charities, so that we can amplify the message of hope and education throughout Tanzania.

Head to our Facebook page to watch videos of the Stronger Together visit to the House of Blue Hope community centre.

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