HBH Soccer Squad Train for Kandanda Day 2017

Kandanda Day 2017 is fast approaching and will be held at DSM University College of Education at 9am on Saturday 21st October.

The charity in Dar es Salaam has been taking part in Kandanda Day for the past three years, and is keen to improve upon past performances. The team representing the charity consists of the under 15s from the house, with local kids from the Mabibo community completing the squad of twenty. Training is three times a week on a makeshift pitch a short walk from the house, and excitement has been building over the last few months as the team have worked together to be ready for the big day.

Kids from the HBH charity soccer team practice skills before a training match in Mabibo, Dar es Salaam

Soccer drills have played an important role in preparing the HBH soccer squad for their upcoming performance on Kandanda Day 21st October 2017.

The training has provided a strong sense of team spirit amongst the House of Blue Hope kids and their neighbours, as well as setting an example to the younger kids in the house, who will one day follow in their footsteps in representing the charity, and community as a whole. It is important to the charity that the kids in its care are encouraged to pursue interests and passions outside of the school curriculum. House of Blue Hope is keen to nurture sporting talent amongst its wards, as one of many potential extra-curricular interests.  

Through the generosity of a donor from the US, the kids have been gifted soccer kit to wear: Naturally the soccer kit colour is blue, with gold numbers emblazoned on the back.

The boys in blue have become a welcome spectacle within the poverty stricken district of Dar es Salaam, with young kids in the community paying close attention to the older boys, and local mothers often taking a break from their daily work, to watch the kids practice for the big day.

kids and mothers in the Mabibo community in Dar es Salaam, watch as the House of Blue Hope football squad practice for Kandanda Day 2017

the community has followed the progress and training of the HBH soccer team, with interest.

Currently not all the squad has their own football boots, but that hasn’t diminished their enthusiasm or desire to succeed.  Though the charity in Tanzania has received donations of football boots in the past, the ones they have get a lot of use, and there is always a need for trainers and football boots so the kids can play and train in comfort. Do you have unused kids’ trainers or football boots collecting dust, and want to donate them to the kids in Mabibo? If so, please get in touch at info@houseofbluehope.org

Kandanda.co.tz was founded in 2011 and is going from strength to strength, promoting Tanzanian soccer from street leagues to major league soccer, among kiswahili speakers in Tanzania and around the globe. Kandanda Co. also covers world soccer updates, livescores, fixtures, standings, gossip and photos. Two representatives were on hand to interview the HBH soccer squad, as well as the charity’s country Director, Daudi Mboma. Check out photos and footage taken on this training day via our Instagram and Facebook social media accounts. 


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