Even just $15 goes a long way in Tanzania, it actually can feed all the children in our program for a day, so any amount you can give is greatly appreciated!  Donate now.

Here are some examples of what your donation can support:

$6 feeds one of our boys for a week
$35 pays for a school uniform for one of our boys
$40 pays for school supplies for one boy for a year
$50 pays for a pair of glasses for one of our boys with a vision impairment
$135 pays for the electricity at the house for a year
$290 feeds one of our boys for a year
$560 pays the school fees for one of our boys for a year

Your donations are primarily used to support the children in our program through school.  Costs include tuition, school uniforms, and school supplies such as notebooks and pencils.  Other costs that your donations cover include food, transportation (bus to school), clothes, and personal hygiene items.

Since our inception, House of Blue Hope has used over 90% of our resources for programs that help street children in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  House of Blue Hope is a 501c3 charity.  Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by U.S. law.

We are always happy to accept donations of school supplies, clothes, books, computers, etc.  Please contact Billy Bludgus at bbludgus@houseofbluehope.org if you are interested in donating any items for Blue Hope!