Join us for our fourth annual group journey to Tanzania — to see our work, to meet our kids, and to experience the beauty and culture of an amazing people and country:  The adventure of a lifetime! This year’s trip is scheduled for August 6 through August 13. If you’re up for an additional experience, join us for a climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro the week before!


Summit Mount Kilimanjaro (This is an additional week added on for those interested in the climb prior to our standard trip to House of Blue Hope)
7/30: Depart for Tanzania (assuming a next day arrival)
7/31: Arrive in either Dar es Salaam or Kilimanjaro airport and stay overnight in Moshi
8/1:   Begin climb
8/5:   End climb and stay overnight in Moshi or Arusha
Visit House of Blue Hope and Experience Tanzania
8/5:   Depart for Tanzania (if not on the climb portion of trip; assuming a next-day arrival)
8/6:   Arrive in Dar es Salaam
8/7:   House of Blue Hope Day event
8/8:   At HBH with the boys in the morning/afternoon
8/9-8/10: 2-day/1-night safari at Mikumi Lodge
8/11: Take ferry to Zanzibar, tour and stay overnight in Stone Town
8/12: Spice tour and beaches; overnight on the beach
8/13: Return to Dar es Salaam and depart for US

(Itinerary is subject to change.)

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