The kids’ health is something House of Blue Hope takes very seriously and health checks are performed every year. With the holidays fast approaching it was time to take the kids for their regular check up at the dentist. Local supporter Shelly helped arrange for Divinegrace Dental Clinic in Masaki, Dar es Salaam, to examine the kids’ oral health.

The House of Blue Hope kids were welcomed by the staff at DivineGrace Dental Clinic, and got the opportunity to inspect their model mouths.

Though a trip to the dentist is usually not much fun for young kids, it is an essential part of looking after their health, and the staff made them feel welcome and relaxed. The dentist worked thoroughly and efficiently to inspect the mouths of all the kids.

kids sit in dentists chair, wearing protective bibs, while the dentist inspects their mouths under a bright light

Once the examinations of each child’s teeth was complete, the dentist took the time to demonstrate how best the kids could look after their teeth to minimize any damage that can occur. The kids were taught the best brushing techniques for healthy gums and teeth, and what foods to avoid.

 The kids listened carefully, and participated in the demonstration of how best to look after teeth.

The kids were encouraged to participate in the demonstration, and the older boys helped explain to the younger members of the group just how much it matters to look after your teeth. A ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach was promoted so that when their next visit was due, no one would need fillings.

This trip was made possible by the generosity of the staff at Divinegrace Dental Clinic here in Dar es Salaam, who gave their time and expertise to examine the kids and share their knowledge, so that the kids from House of Blue Hope can continue being healthy, and vital funding that would ordinarily be spent on dental appointments could be saved for other precious necessities. A very big thank you to the staff at Divinegrace, from everyone at House of Blue Hope!

Also a special thank you to CJ Eklund Fine Art Photography for donating her time and talents to capture the day for the charity. Asante sana!