Letter from the President – 2011

Dear House of Blue Hope Family,

The work which we do together both for and with the youth of Tanzania simultaneously fills me with gratitude and hope all year round –

Justin hard at work with his studies

gratitude for all we have done thus far, and hope for all we are poised to do as we move forward as an organization and as a community.  One month ago, at our annual Board Retreat, we reflected on these two pillars of our collective core as we broke bread each evening.  As I write to you

today, after Thanksgiving and awaiting the December holiday season, I find myself in even more deeply and intimately immersed in gratitude and hope than usual.

As I wandered between retail clothing stores yesterday, I was struck by that constant tension between the consumerism and materialism of some parts of the world and the poverty of other corners of our globe.  I wondered how much workers were paid to sew the shirts I was purchasing, and what their working conditions are like.  I pondered how many pencils and notebooks could be bought for children who thirst for education with the money I was paying for a couple personal items.  I constantly struggle with the structures which perpetuate drastic economic disparities among the members of our human family, and I wonder how I and how we at the House of Blue Hope can do more to work for social and economic justice.

As is reflected in our organizational motto, we believe that education is the most effective vehicle through which we can empower and support impoverished and underprivileged youth in their struggle to overcome their challenging realities and to build a positive, productive, and sustainable future for themselves, their families, and their communities.  We have big plans for our work in Tanzania this upcoming year, and it includes all of us!  Of course, I will ask that each of us considers making a personally meaningful contribution to our annual appeal which is included in this mailing.  However, I would also encourage us all to become involved in our work in other ways as well.  Also included here is an invitation for our first Blue Hope supporters’ trip to Tanzania; consider joining us for a journey of a lifetime!  There are also a number of ways to

Boys having fun

get your workplace, school, place of worship, or community organization involved in our mission.  Feel free to reach out to me directly with any interest or ideas.

I am closing this letter with the same two sentiments with which I began – gratitude and hope.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support of the House of Blue Hope, and I look forward to our continued good work with immense hope.  May the gratitude and hope of the holiday season be with all of us, our families, and our friends in Tanzania for the upcoming year.

Kwa Shukrani na Tumaini,

–Billy Bludgus

President and Founder


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