A group children in the orphanage stand in front of donated christmas tree.

Local Businesses Support HBH this Christmas

Having secured the lease of the new girls’ house earlier in the year, there was much fund raising to be done.  All the necessary resources for the house needed to be sourced so that the new home would be ready for the young girls, who are to receive the vital educational and social help needed to secure their futures, alongside the boys.

For so long financial aid has come from friends and supporters of House of Blue Hope in the United States, helping the young boys achieve so much, and continues to do so. However, a concerted effort to engage the community in Tanzania has been a new goal for the charity, with great success. Shelly and Gary, residents of Dar es Salaam, have been pivotal in organizing fund raising events and support from local businesses including Karambezi Cafe at Sea Cliff Hotel in Masaki, whose Christmas donation drive saw many essential household items, and Christmas gifts, being donated by their generous patrons.
boy holds his skateboard Christmas present

The older boys received skateboards for Christmas.

Many community members responded with generosity when HBH appealed for the donation of essential resources that are needed to provide the vulnerable children House of Blue Hope are striving to help elevate out of poverty. It is the aim of HBH to equal the success they have achieved helping vulnerable boys for the last 10 years, with girls who are in need in Tanzania.
Shelly and Gary also played host to a series of small private functions, with guests donating funds to provide House of Blue Hope charity with the financial support it needs to create a community support center in Mabibo, as well as the house for vulnerable girls. Not only have Gary and Shelly tirelessly raised funds here in Dar es Salaam, they have shown incredible generosity themselves, having purchased, and arranged transport for, a substantial water tank for the girls’ house.
new 8000L water tank for girls orphanage delivered to premises in Mabibo

The girls’ house has a new water tank, courtesy of Gary and Shelly who generously donated it to House of Blue Hope.

Beyond securing some of the finance needed for many items such as furniture, paint, clothes, and school supplies, Shelly also arranged for donations to be made so each boy could receive a gift for Christmas, under the donated Christmas tree.
children stand in front of decorated Christmas tree at the orphanage.

Shelly and the boys all helped decorate the Christmas tree.

The charity would like to thank Shelly and Gary for all their support so far in helping House of Blue Hope charity to extend the scope of their work here in Dar es Salaam, as well as the wonderful staff of Karambezi Cafe, and Children’s Birthday Miracles, who have done so much to collect donations of clothes, books, furniture, and toys for the kids this Christmas.
House of Blue Hope looks forward to working with local businesses here in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, so that the vulnerable young girls and boys it supports can continue to gain a better start in life. If you own a local business here in Dar es Salaam, and you have been inspired to lend support, whichever way you can, don’t hesitate to get in touch! : info@houseofbluehope.org
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