mentors pictured with mothers while they cook for the day

Mabibo Mothers Receive Support from HBH Outreach Program

As part of the charity’s remit, it goes beyond supporting vulnerable young girls and boys, ensuring they have the support they need to successfully complete their education. House of Blue Hope also works within its community to combat the root causes of poverty, including a lack of stable, consistent employment, poor resource management, and child neglect.

three mothers prepare food for the community outreach program in mabibo

Some of the mothers help prepare food for the day, before the outreach program begins.

Recently one such community outreach program was organized, taking place in the charity’s newly established community center. Tutors from the Tanzania Social Work Initiative Company (TASWICO) came to HBH’s community center in Mabibo to run the Child Development and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Family Income course. Fifteen women attended the training course, some of them mothers to the young kids HBH supports throughout their schooling, and some women from the community who struggle to gain and sustain employment. These women are often trapped in poverty by a lack of education or vocational training, so must rely on unstable, domestic work and their own micro entrepreneurial activities.

mentors teach mothers from Mabibo in the community center

Tutors from the Tanzania Social Work Initiative Company address fifteen mothers and women from the local community, in HBH’s community center.

The tutors spent the day working with the fifteen women, teaching them about good money and resource management for growing small businesses, so that the efforts they are already making can provide better, more consistent dividends. Another area that was discussed was the importance of early child development and education: The mothers were taught about the positive, long term impact good child nutrition has on a child’s success throughout school, alongside the lifelong benefits of the completion of schooling such as greater job opportunities and significantly elevated future earnings.

In a country where 50.1% of the population is under 17 years of age (2012 national census), with children being eight times more likely to end up on the streets permanently after dropping out of the education system , it is an important part of the charity’s work to take action in preventing the younger generations falling into the same poverty traps that their parents endure. Part of that action is educating and empowering the women and mothers within the Mabibo community who have not had the opportunities that should have been open to them, and highlighting the importance of providing a more stable life for themselves and their children.

mentors address the mothers attending the outreach program in the community center
Because of the donations the House of Blue Hope charity receives from its supporters, such outreach programs are made possible. The charity hopes to provide many more opportunities for those most affected by poverty in Tanzania. If you would like to help HBH expand its reach in this regard, get in touch:

House of Blue Hope wishes to thank CJ Eklund Fine Art Photography for donating her skills to capture this outreach program.

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