Thank You to All Who Made 2017 Special

As the year comes to a close, the House of Blue Hope charity would like to take the opportunity to look back at some wonderful moments that have made its tenth year extra special, and thank all those that made it so fruitful.

Donations, visits from fellow charities, and educational trips have helped make 2017 a great year.

The year started with a boost when the charity welcomed the support from local Dar es Salaam residents who took the task of fundraising and donation collection to new heights. Shelly and Gary, donors to the charity themselves, also helped secure the support from local businesses Karambezi and the Sea Cliff Casino. Karambezi cafe and restaurant in Masaki, Dar es Salaam, has now helped host a Christmas gift/donation drive for the last two Christmas holidays, while the Sea Cliff Casino very generously donated and sponsored a vehicle to the charity, making the many trips taken this year possible. Sea Cliff Casino’s generosity has facilitated so many projects and made a huge positive impact on the kids’ lives. Thank you!


When appeals were made to the local community in Dar, many residents in the city responded swiftly and with generosity, donating goods throughout the year; the clothes, books, bedding and more are greatly appreciated by the charity and its wards. A special mention goes to Shaifa from Children’s Birthday Miracles- Dar es Salaam, who has organised so many donations, collecting and delivering essentials and more to the charity in Mabibo, as well as arranging for the local Aga Khan Girl Guides and Boy Scouts to visit the kids, with great success. Thank you Shaifa.

The Aga Khan Guides and Scouts pay the House of Blue Hope family a visit, bringing donations of essentials and games with them.

What was an essential but very unwanted experience for the kids in 2017, was made fun and educational when Divinegrace Dental Clinic volunteered their services ensuring the kids’ oral health was good. This year’s upcoming dental checkup will, no doubt, be more welcome by the kids when they visit the Divinegrace Dental Clinic in Dar in 2018. Thank you for your time, skill, and patience when inspecting all the kids’ teeth and teaching them the important lesson of looking after their pearly whites.

A collaboration that started in 2017 and, the charity hopes, will last well into 2018 is that between the charity and Dar es Salaam based photographer, CJ Eklund Fine Art Photography who has donated her time and expertise on many occasions. Her contributions have been many throughout 2017, and none more so than when the charity was invited to take part in her Empathy Between Species Project, that has seen the HBH kids enjoy encounters with animals at the Every Living Thing Animal Sanctuary in the city, as well as being taught about the importance and vulnerability of the marine habitat and its inhabitants that are part of the country’s natural heritage. These lessons were brought to life when marine conservation NGO Sea Sense invited the kids to witness a Sea Turtle hatching on South Beach in Dar. Thank you Every Living Thing Animal Sanctuary and Sea Sense Marine Conservation NGO for nurturing a love of nature and animals in the HBH kids, and a very big CJ Eklund Fine Art Photography for including the charity in her important Empathy Between Species Project, and the donation of a water tank. Without her time and energy these wonderful events would not have happened.

CJ EKlund Fine Art Photography’s Empathy Between Species Project has given the kids wonderful opportunities to learn about animal welfare, as well as sucured the donation of a water tank.

Though this year has seen a substantial increase in support from local donors and businesses, the charity would be nowhere without the significant contributions made year after year from generous donors across the ocean in the States. The tireless fundraising and support by the charity’s board members and their friends and family, has never waivered and 2017 was no different. With annual fundraising events that have become highlights of many calendars, the generosity evident by the strong financial backing received from the States by the charity has put the organization on sure footing for the year ahead. This is especially important now that the charity has doubled its capacity and welcomed vulnerable young girls into its care, as well as opening a community center.


The girls’ house is quickly filling up and the charity looks forward to reaching full capacity very soon. If you are interested in sponsoring the newest additions to the charity please get in touch. These young girls’ futures can be transformed by relatively small monthly stipends and the impact on their lives, and the country’s progress as a whole, is something that is in the sights of the international development community. The House of Blue Hope charity is keen to do what it can towards this movement.


In 2017 the newly opened community center has seen the charity extend its positive influence within the Mabibo community and been host to extra curricular lessons for the kids, HBH alumni, as well as women from the Mabibo community who are trapped in a cycle of unreliable, inconsistent, and scarce income opportunities. The charity is keen to see it put to good use many times over throughout 2018. If you would like to make a donation towards its upkeep or any of the projects that can be put into practice there, any donation is most welcome

Local women receive training in finance, business, and craftwork skills, while the alumni received job market and work place training.


As the charity looks forward to 2018 there are many potential projects and developments that the board members are eager to realize, helping the most vulnerable children who have had the misfortune of being thrown into desperate, unforgiving, and often violent situations, escape an almost inevitable vicious poverty cycle.


Thanks to the ongoing support the charity receives, the organization is hoping it can build on 2017’s achievements, and transform many more lives for the next ten years and more. If you would like to donate any amount, big or small, please head to our Razoo page, alternatively if you would like to contribute to helping these vulnerable kids realize their dreams, in other ways, please get in touch!


Thank you, and Very Happy New Year!

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