The Boys Become Teachers

by board member, Adam Weise

The boys of House of Blue Hope are students first and foremost, but often they also serve the role of teachers in multiple ways.  They form study groups and help each other with homework.  For most Tanzanian children, education is a precious commodity.  Each trip to Tanzania reminds me of the sanctity of education.

Every day I scheduled a computer class which I would teach at the house. One day I became rather sick but I wanted to alert the class that I would not be able to teach. I stumbled through the blazing hot sun into the house about twenty minutes after the class was scheduled to start. From the outside I could hear loud voices, I worried that the boys were fighting over our limited computers. Instead I found the older boys running a class for the younger boys.

Justin and Mussa were teaching the younger ones how to identify their body parts in English. It was one of the moments that made me incredibly proud to be a part of an organization such as this and to be able to see kids that just a few years ago were not even in school teaching English to other boys reinforced my knowledge that we are doing something very powerful in Tanzania. My proudest moment in House of Blue Hope was watching Justin, a formerly rebellious youth, teaching the younger boys English. He has matured into a leader and we all hope that other boys will follow in his foot steps.

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