The Year in Review!


2011 Expenses Breakdown

  • Seven boys between the ages of six and eleven, most of which had never attended any formal school, successfully completed their first year with exceptional grades!
  • Loyola Secondary School accepted two more House of Blue Hope boys.  This school has a reputation for excellence and preparing its students for college, we at House of Blue Hope continue to strive to give our kids the best Tanzania has to offer.
  • Five boys in the program graduate from Form 4 (the equivalent to High School in the United States).  Form 4 graduates are able to enter college or obtain a wide variety of well paying jobs in Tanzania.
  • Two boys passed the entrance exam and will begin study at one of the best college prep schools in Dar es Salaam.
  • An English teacher, George Mbago, begins regular classes for children at the house.  He is the newest addition to the House of Blue Hope

    House of Blue Hope Growth 2007-2011

    team and has over twenty years of teaching experience.

  • A water well was donated by The International School of Tanganyika (IST) Alumni Association.  House of Blue Hope now has its own source for safe, clean and easily accessible water.  Blue Hope is the official charity of IST Alumni and they continue to support the hopes and dreams of Tanzania’s most disenfranchised youth.


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