Urgent Need to Help The Rural Poor in Tanzania


With the first month of 2018 rapidly drawing to a close, House of Blue Hope has been busier than ever. With the doubled capacity of the new girls’ house, the NGO has been working with the government to bring the most vulnerable young girls into its care. The demand for aid from charities such as House of Blue Hope, to help the growing poverty stricken rural population is alarming. 


Though the charity is based in the commercial port city, Dar es Salaam, where a subsistence housing crisis is not abating as the young workforce moves to urban areas in search of jobs, rural poverty remains a huge problem. According to The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) “as of 2016, Tanzania has an estimated population of 53 million people, with about 70% of the population residing in rural areas” while “poverty is more prevalent in rural areas: over 80% of the country’s poor and extremely poor people live in rural areas


The rural poor are largely employed in the agriculture sector (three quarters of all Tanzanian workers are employed in the agriculture sector, though it contributes roughly one quarter of the country’s GDP), as small-scale subsistence farmers – 80% of production comes from hand-hoe and rainfed production, which is vulnerable to drought and catastrophic crop failures.


Not only do the rural poor suffer from a lack of stable income, they rarely have access to any infrastructure such as healthcare. Even if these subsistence farmers have enough money to seek out treatment when needed, they face days of walking to the nearest hospital or surgery.


Malnutrition is rife, and has a severe, and long lasting impact on the health and well-being of this young nation. According to Action Against Hunger and Institute of International and Strategic Relations  “nationally, chronic malnutrition or stunting affects 34.7% of children under the age of five. Severe stunting affected 11.5% of children nationwide.” “Overall, more than 2.7 million children under five in Tanzania are stunted, which affects their future learning, productivity, and their opportunities to escape poverty.”


These statistics are manifesting in the number and severity of cases House of Blue Hope is being asked to take on by government agencies. Not only are thousands of young children suffering from malnutrition, but with scarce sources of clean water, and poor sanitary conditions, many are carrying parasites that are taking what precious nutrients they do receive. This sometimes deadly combination of hunger and disease must be stopped.

The charity's social workers work together with government social workers to assess the best course of action in helping the rural poor. In this instance, a grandmother who could not look after her grandchild.

The charity’s social workers work together with government social workers to assess the best course of action in helping the rural poor. In this instance, a grandmother who could not look after her grandchild.

Already the charity has taken in three new girls who find themselves in this desperate situation: Enneck is five years old, Rahma who is four, and six year old Catherine. Alongside the new girls is a young boy of four, Yohana. These children have now been given the medical care they so pressingly need. Now safely in the care of the charity, their journey to health, security, and an education can begin.

Without your support, the House of Blue Hope charity would not be able to take in these vulnerable kids. There are so many more in dire need of House of Blue Hope’s care and support. Please help us help them escape the difficult situations they find themselves in, and give these children a better start in life. Together we can give them the time and care they need to flourish, escaping the significant, long lasting burdens of poverty.

If you would like to sponsor Yohana, Enneck, Rahma, or Catherine, or indeed other children in House of Blue Hope’s care, please get in touch: info@houseofbluehope.org . Alternatively one off donations, whatever the size, go an incredibly long way in allowing the charity to make the difference in the lives of these vulnerable children in rural Tanzania. Thank you.

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