Why House of Blue Hope?

Many well-meaning people start non-governmental organizations during their time abroad. Like Billy Bludgus, House of Blue Hope’s co-founder, they see a problem and want to help those affected. Unfortunately, the overwhelming number of these organizations are no longer in existence three years after they start.  What allows House of Blue Hope to continue its work over five years after its start?

Dedication from the Day One

In the first days of House of Blue Hope there was no physical house but merely rented rooms with kids serious about changing their lives and adults who refused to give up on them.

In-country Partners

There would be no House of Blue Hope without Daudi Mboma, the organization could not have navigated Tanzanian laws, contracts, building permits and school systems without his knowledge.

Low Costs/Donations Go to the Kids

The challenge of many nonprofit organizations is to maximize the percent of every dollar goes to those in need instead of fundraising and staffing costs. X% of donations to House of Blue Hope go to the project as costs are kept low by people like VP of Finance Scott Sadowski.

Fundraising Leadership

Strides for Kids, March Goodness, Blue Hope’s first book – each an idea created and executed by our Development Director, Jenna Riedi. House of Blue Hope has only been able to expand to a new class of younger boys and two locations because of her work.

Choosing the Right Kids

In order to become a part of House of Blue Hope the children have to show a willingness to dedicate their days to improving their lives and the lives of the other children at House of Blue Hope. Not every child is willing to make this choice and before children are allowed into the program people like our Social Worker, Sabas, ensure that they are willing to work hard at school and respect the other rules of House of Blue Hope.


Constantly Expanding Circle of Believers

Blue Hearts for Blue Hope is the kind of program that House of Blue Hope depends on.  A group of teachers, many of whom had never been to Tanzania nor met a child from House of Blue Hope, created a program for House of Blue Hope to increase awareness and raise funds.

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